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Training courses on distribution grid automation

Distribution grid automation in focus: Electricity distribution networks have changed drastically in recent years due to the integration of renewable energies: The requirements for fail-safety, monitoring and control of the grids have increased and thus the need of education and training in this field. Digital power grids, smart grids and fault detection are just some of the keywords. Training and education for the installation, commissioning and parameterization of the secondary technology of the subsequent operation has proven to be extremely important.

The transformer station as a digital hub

Distribution Grid Automation and Smart Grid

Until a few years ago, a transformer station typically consisted of the transformer plus locally operable medium-voltage switchgear and LV distribution. With increased requirements for transparency and fail-safety, a digital transformer station in the smart grid consists of diverse sensor technology and digital communication. These are all elements of distribution grid automation.

Education and training on the operation of the digital transformer station provides a reduction in downtime in the event of a fault.

Education and training: short-circuit detection and ground fault detection, star point grounding

Fehlererfassung und Erdschlusserfassung, schnelle Fehlerklärung - Schulung und Training

In the event of a fault, reliable short circuit detection and ground fault detection is critical. But which method should be used specifically for ground fault direction detection as a function of star point grounding? Which fault detection is suitable for your network? Training with focus on distribution grid automation.

Distribution grid automation, smart grid and fault detection: independent education and training

Windenergie Smart-Grid und Digitale Netze

As an electricity grid operator, do you need a vendor-independent view of your grids and a strategy for becoming a smart grid?

Do you want to optimize your SAIDI by reducing downtime and need assistance in selecting the appropriate short-circuit detection and ground-fault detection methods?

Do you need instruction for your crew on how to set up and operate the new measuring and recording technology in the transformer stations?

Then contact me

Remote transmission and telecontrol

Digitales Stromnetz und Smart-Grid für eine sichere Energieversorgung - Schulung und Training

The measurement data is recorded on site, the errors are reliably determined, and now? How does this information get to the places that need it without delay, safely and reliably?

I will advise you on the selection of suitable remote transmission technology and communication protocols.

Your contact for education and training

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Do you have any questions? You can reach me via the form below or by email and phone:

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I specialize in providing comprehensive training courses and engineering services focused on distribution grid automation.

Efficiency and Reliability: Distribution grid automation is the key to unlocking remarkable efficiency and reliability in grid operations. By implementing advanced technologies like supervisory control systems and intelligent devices, we empower you to optimize monitoring, control, and operation. This results in improved power quality, reduced downtime, and swift response during outages.

Integration of Renewable Energy: As the energy landscape rapidly shifts towards renewable sources, it’s crucial to seamlessly integrate these technologies into the distribution grid. My expertise in automation enables effective management and utilization of renewable energy sources, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Stay ahead of the curve by embracing clean energy solutions with confidence.

Empowering Knowledge: MY comprehensive training courses equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the world of automated distribution grids. Stay updated on the latest automation systems, troubleshooting techniques, and best practices. Gain the confidence to operate and maintain automated grids efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and unlocking your true potential.

Tailored Engineering Solutions: I understand that each customer has unique automation requirements. Our dedicated engineering service works closely with you to analyze, design, and implement customized solutions. By optimizing your grid operations, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing operational costs, we help you overcome challenges and maximize the benefits of automation.

Experience the Difference: With my expertise, you can embrace the future of energy with confidence. MY company is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions, empowering you to thrive in the evolving energy industry. Join us on this journey towards a smarter, resilient, and sustainable grid infrastructure.

Discover the power of distribution grid automation. Contact me today to learn more about our training courses and engineering services tailored to your needs. Together, let’s shape the future of energy.

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